Telecom Energy Storage System

(High Voltage System)
---------------------------[All systems are Customizable]---------------------------

Lithium Battery products can be applied in Telecom / Solar Energy Storage Systems, with effective solution to solve the instability and inconsistency of power generated by renewable energy solutions, such as wind and solar. Our Batteries help to assist with the promotion and development of renewable energy.

  • The power system is built with 12 independent 48V50Ah battery modules. Each battery module is with 2.4Kwh.

  • The system is environmental friendly and energy-saving.

  • It is a combination of solar power generation system and wind power generation system.

Schematic Diagram: controlled by Time Relay

Equipment Connection  

Newly Proposed Solution:


48V 10Ah 

48V 20Ah 

48V 30Ah 

48V 40Ah 

48V 50Ah 

48V 100Ah 

Mechanical Height (mm) 







Approx Weight (kg) 







Cycle Life 

2000 cycles (100%DOD) 

Communication Functions 

including RS232/RS485, CAN, SNMP and Ethernet, etc 

Contact us for details of 48V Models and Application solutions.

Integration of the NEW System Design:

  • Smart Battery balanced management;

  • High-precision voltage detection;

  • Smart charging and discharging management the FCC capacity automatic learning;

  • High-precision current detection;

  • 5-channel battery temperature detection channel;

  • Hardware and software over-voltage, low-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high and low temperature and short circuit protection;

  • Compatible the RS232/RS485,CAN, Bluetooth, SNMP and Ethernet, etc;

Deco Jones Proposed Solution:

Use Current-Limiting Mode of the battery to protection:

  • The current of charging is limiting within 10A.

  • The BMS of battery can give over-current protection during the system start.

  • Higher the system stability.

  • Longer the battery cycle life

3 hours batteries’ capacity for backup: 

  • Most of power failure caused of DG Start Failure.

  • It needs some power backup for rush repair;For LFP battery it is good has 80% DOD for longer Life Cycle;

  • The site downtime MAY happen because of Diesel Gen-set start failure.

  • The Diesel-Gen-Set without Dry Contact Signal to control, Diesel-Gen-Set will start if the battery is drained within 2 hours.

  • Lead-acid batteries’ capacity degrades fast because of high temperature.

  • The Diesel-Gen-Set load is only 34%, has serious Low Load Problem. It will reduce the engine life!