Energy Reduction Systems

Kilowatt, Harmonic, Ampere, Reduction, Equipment

Available for Home / Commercial / Industrial 10 KW – 1000 Kw & above

The E-BOX is an Intelligent Electricity Reduction system with monitor capability that provides 10% – 30% power reduction. All Units are UL Listed with assured savings on electricity usage. We can provide customize configuration for your onsite power reduction solution. 

The POWER SAVER system compensate for your electrical power inefficiencies, increases power quality, adjust network pressure, reduce loss of distribution system and transformer, enhance active output of power unit, and improve the quality of power supply from the power grid. Performance Guarantee + 5 Years warranty. 

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Product Application:

Suitable for: 

  • Shops / Motels / Hotels /Hospital / School /  Restaurant / Banks

  • Farm / Factory.

It can also be applied for industry for individual inductive loads such as:

  • Sewing Machine

  • Motors / Pumps

  • Rolling machine / Cutting machine

Deco Jones Renewable Energy Division Provides Solutions for: 

  • Residential Sector / Industrial Sector etc. 

All products are made in DJG - Energy Manufacturing Facility located in Miami Florida USA.

DJG - Energy  follows Industry Compliance for manufacturing. 

All manufactured products go through ridged tests & industry specific QA Inspections.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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Frequently Asked Question:


What is the DEVICE? 

E-Box (Kilowatt, Harmonic, Ampere, and Reduction Equipment) is the device that reduces, saves, and limits what we call your “WASTED ENERGY” 



EFFICIENCY means, maximizing the utilization and usage of the power in your electrical systems  OR  “WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR.?” 



Wasted energy is energy (KWHRs) that you are paying for month after month, which you SHOULD’NT! And WASTED ENERGY is electric power caused by a very LOW POWER FACTOR and very HIGH TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTIONS (THD), present in your electrical system.



HARMONICS are “DIRTY ENERGY”, which disturbs the quality of your voltage and current waves in your electrical system facilities / equipment 



POWER FACTOR is the measurement of how EFFICIENT your electrical systems operates / performs.  



HARMONICS are caused by the following: 

  • Personal Computers 

  • Battery Chargers & UPS 

  • Variable Frequency Driver (VHD) 

  • Laser Printers 

  • Arc Furnaces 

  • Stereos, Radios, TV, Telephone Systems, Fax Machines 

  • Vending Machines 

  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Equipment 

How do you solve the problem caused by LOW POWER FACTOR and the TOTAL HARMONICS Distortions? 

It could be remedied by installing our ENERGY Saver (E-BOX) which is equipped with carefully designed (customized) automatic capacitor Banks and harmonics filters, to mitigate Harmonics Distortions. 


What are the ADVANTAGES of E-BOX?

The advantages of our device are following:  

  • Reduce KWh consumption.  

  • Reduce KW Demand Charges.  

  • Reduce Generation & Transmission Charges.  

  • Power Factor Penalty Eliminated.  

  • Reduced Power System Loss Charges.  

  • Reduced Taxes due and other Charges.  

  • Improve Electrical System Power Quality  

  • And many more, Etc. 



  • Energy saving up to 10 % to 30 %.  

  • Complete home surge suppression  

  • Reduced heat from appliances  

  • Increased life of inductive motors including air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, HVACs systems and more  

  • Increase the efficiency of renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar etc.  


How much SAVINGS do you GUARANTEE? 

We GUARANTEE a savings of 10 % up to 30 % depending on how low your POWER FACTOR is and how HIGH is the HARMONICS present in your ELECTRICAL systems / facilities. 



IS it LEGAL to use such DEVICES?

YES it is LEGAL, it functions like a LIGHT EMITTING DIODE (LED), AN ENERGY Power Saver and the POWER Companies will not contest to this for as long we don’t touch their electrical meters. 


How much it will COST? 

We guarantee that your Return of Investment (ROI) in purchasing our device SHALL be less than a year. 

(All devices are custom made upon client’s requirements) 


E-Box in Renewable Power Generation?

The E-Box understands power consumption and sets the capacitance saving level. Its energy consumption monitor allows energy use to be optimized in real time with a Bluetooth connection. This unit has been designed for load fluctuations and maximizes in-phase energy.

This intelligent monitoring increases potential energy savings at low and at peak energy demand levels. Can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like Solar Panel, Wind Turbine and Inverters etc. 

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General Parameters of Power E-Box

  Product Details:

Model No. E-BOX-100 ( 100 KW)
Manufacturer: DECO JONES
Country of Origin: USA.
Working Temperature: -40° to +70°.
IP Level: IP43.
Panel Designed: Stainless Steel.
LCD Display: Power Factor/Current/Voltage/Saving Percentage Of Amp.
LED Display: Compensation Working Status.
Software: Micro Intelligent Inspection Compensation.
Power Compensation Status: 64-Types.
Control Method: RTOS Embedded
Controller: High-Tech Software Controlled.
Related Technology: VFD/PID Controlling.
CT Outside: Customizable.
Phase: 3Phase 4Wire. (Customizable).
Size: 570mm*320mm*125mm.
Amp Saving Rate: 10% to 40%.
Input Voltage: Three Phase/AC/155V-450V/50HZ/60HZ.
Suitable Working Range In Amp: 45Amp-150Amp.
Color: Black / Blue (Customizable)
Gross Weight: 12-15KG
  All systems are manufactured upon client requirements.


If there is about 1,000 factories which have an average load of one (1) megawatt, and if our device will able to save 20% on their power consumption that translates into total savings of 200 MW! The total savings, if equates it to power generation is more than enough to put up one coal fired thermal power plant. Can you imagine, how much we can help in reducing the carbon footprints

Likewise, the reserve capacity of the Power Corporation will also increase. 

We believe that our energy power saving program is the “most innovative and the immediate solution in the Energy Efficiency Program of the government”.

The good news is, the device will literally pay for itself which can be derive from the energy savings, within a year.

Remember we can reduce your wasted energy and at the same time, we can improve your power quality!

Available Capacities: 

  • We can manufacturer systems sizes from: 

  • 10 KW, 60 KW, 100 KW, 300 KW, 1 Megawatt & above.

Available Options: 

  • Power Protection.

  • Local & Remote Monitoring Systems.

* All systems are customized to customer’s requirements.

Wiring Diagram:  

Installation instruction: 

  1. Switch the breaker “a” and”b” “off”, then connect the live wires ,neutral wire, earth wire after the breaker ”b”. 
  2. Please turn the breaker ”a” and “b” “on”, switch the power saver “on”, then check whether the LCD displaying is lighting and showing the U/I/S correctly. 
  3. Then check whether the first LED lamp is lighting? If yes, means the “power in” is normal. 
  4.  If all the data is displaying right, then please turn the breaker “a”,”b” and the power saver off. 
  5. Then insert the CTs well according to the diagram. It must be hanged before the main breaker”a” 
  6. After connection of CTs,please turn on all the breaker and switcher. Let the E-BOX start working. 


  • Auto System Synchronization & Calibration time is 100 Hours approx. 
  • DO NOT reset or restart the E-BOX during the initial hours. 
  • Please run tests before installation and after installation & initial phase run of the product.