24 Hour Solar Power Generation

The following is a list of benefits that come when purchasing our unique Power Generation System…

  • We offer’s the world’s first continuous self-sustaining solution – a technology that outperforms any commercial green energy solution currently available on the market.

  • No fuel needed, no pollution, no waste and do not consume water or any other natural element.

  • Stand-Alone Power Plant for Pure Sine Wave Power with Capability of Parallel Operation with On or Off Grid Connection.

  • Provides Prime / Base Load of Continual Power 24/7-365; Ideally as Prime / Peak Surge Power Plant.

  • Usable to inject Grid Frequency (Components Certified for grid interception, and for sensitive equipment).

It operates on regular stationary water as it’s only fluid (not fuel) needed to produce power.

  • Produces virtually no noise or vibration during operation of the Power Generators System.

  • Compact and modular size with a lightweight design to make it easy to deploy in any location, with a small foot print 20 feet long by 8 feet wide.

  • We assist the clients to determine the right size of units for their needs through a free power audit and or primary power study evaluation.

  • We assist the clients to offer the most economical solution based on their power demand and consumption profile, and provide a cost benefit analysis that makes it easy to see the economic benefits.

  • The clients can instantly lower their monthly electric expense with the implementation of the “Power Factor Technology” in conjunction with the Power Generation System without costly construction and building modifications.

  • “Extended Warranty” 25 (additional) Years of Warranty for the customer, we cover all “bumper to bumper” parts and supplies, plus the operating, maintenance and monitoring service for a monthly cost.

  • Performance Bond is available: Power units are guarantee to deliver the continual amount and insure by independent insurance companies with a strong financial arm.

  • Fully licensed and bonded the delivery an installation. Experience trained and certified electrical engineers and general contractors perform the interconnection installation.

  • The clients can enjoy the same price for the extended warranty throughout the duration of the initial contract, and then beyond for an additional 25 years.

  • If the client expands the operation overtime beyond the capacity of the deployed units, just request additional capacity and we will deliver additional units to meet your growing needs.

  • Redundancy built in the units; each Power Generation System has backup motors already installed and automatically switches between the units if one goes down.

  • The remote monitoring of the unit’s performance can have the service technicians on site before the problem start, to repaired or if necessary a full replacement performed with minimal disruption.