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Deco Jones Group LLC is a multinational Energy Group with major contacts in W2E, Natural Gas and Non-Fossil Fuel Power Plants. We have recently shifted our main focus to power generation. We presently have several power projects and waste 2 energy projects proposed throughout the Caribbean. Our new Renewable Clean Green Energy Technology that does not consume any FOSSIL FUELS. Our power plants ARE STAND ALONE and range from 1 megawatt on up. Power plants are now commercially ready for sale. We also have funding available for certain countries and can implement projects with 10 to 12 months. More information upon request.

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Deco Jones Group

Premium Solution Providers for Renewable Energy Project Management & Development WORLDWIDE

Deco Jones provides complete turnkey solutions for project development to project financing

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We welcome new Emerging and Cutting edge Technologies around the world

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We work with various partners in order to provide the best solution & services to our client. We always welcome new partners with fresh ideas. Come join us

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Renewable Power Production Technologies:

  • Waste To Energy Power Plants
  • 24 Hours PV Power Plants
  • Kinetic Power production Technology
  • Magnetic Power Production Technology
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Energy Storage Systems:

  • Lithium Phosphate battery Based Energy Storage Systems
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems
  • Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
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Water Treatment Plants:

  • Toxic Water Treatment
  • River Water Cleaning Systems
  • Agriculture Water Pollution Treatment
  • Emulating Water with Synthesis
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Focusing On Success:

  • Project Management
  • Project Development
  • Project Financing
  • Project Operations & Maintenance
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